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Challenge Hair Loss
Bolster Your Brightness

Effective Hair Loss Solutions.
Science-led Expertise.

Trichology That's Tailored To You.

  • Backed by five decades of trichological expertise and groundbreaking research from Professor D.Hugh Rushton, we deliver truly effective hair loss treatments. 

  • With professional oversight at every step, our in-person team of qualified trichologists and hair loss specialist medics ensure you achieve the renewed self-confidence you desire.

“Chuffed to beans...I can feel how much thicker my hair is and my mates have noticed a change"

 Roy, 34
At 12 Months on Treatment

Why Choose
A Trichologist At
The Rushton Clinic?

Medical and Trichological Oversight at Every Step

State of the art  Digital Image Diagnostics

Value Driven Services

Scientifically Proven Treatments 

Quick and Convenient,

In-Person Appointments

Fast, Effective Results 

All Backed by Five Decades of Award Winning Trichological Expertise and Research

Trichology Excellence,
Our Unique Approach...

The Rushton Clinic On Harley Street, Tricholgists in London, The UK's Specialist Hair Loss Clinic
The Rushton Clinic | The UK's Specialist Hair Loss Clinic

Trichology Excellence, Accessible to All

We've always believed that the best hair loss expertise should be within everyone's grasp. While we would never compromise on the quality and depth of our services, we take pride in pricing our hair loss consultations with integrity, ensuring our unparalleled hair care is both exceptional and attainable.


What’s more, we’re proud to provide trichology consultations that give the best hair loss advice at heavily discounted rates for Students and NHS workers. 

Trichology Excellence,
Medical Oversight. 

We take pride in being one of the only trichology clinics globally to have a hair loss specialist medic in-house. Our team of clinical trichologists are all supported by our resident hair loss expert GP. Enabling us to provide the best hair loss treatments available and instant access to a wider network of medical experts including consultant endocrinologists and dermatologists.


Whether it's Pattern Hair Loss, Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia, or any other hair loss condition you're suffering from, you can be confident that our trichologists' holistic approach to treating hair loss will provide you with the hair loss solution you've been looking for.

Trichology Excellence,

At The Rushton Clinic, we don't just practice trichological care — we elevate it. Immerse yourself in a legacy of hair loss expertise spanning 50 years of unparalleled trichological insights and breakthroughs. Our clinic embodies five decades of deep-rooted trichological wisdom. But our reputation extends beyond being a premier hair loss clinic. We stand as a testament to unwavering commitment to the science of hair loss.  


At The Rushton Clinic, we meticulously select our team of hair loss experts. We ensure every trichologist and hair specialist aligns with our unwavering standards, setting them leagues above their peers. Unlike many trichology clinics, the standard to join our team of hair loss experts is unmatched. Each trichologist at The Rushton Clinic possesses more than a standard trichology qualification. All our hair specialists have achieved an academic undergraduate degree in a relevant field, as well as rigorous postgraduate training in hair science.


For our team of certified Trichologists, being affiliated with an esteemed body like the Institute of Trichologists or the International Association of Trichologists is just the beginning; we ensure our team continues to strive for more, pushing beyond the standard benchmarks of a practicing Trichologist.


As your trusted hair care partner, our relentless quest for excellence ensures The Rushton Clinic offers you more than hair loss treatments; we offer a legacy of exceptional hair loss expertise.

Award Winning Trichological Expertise at The Rushton Clinic, The UK's Specialist Hair Loss Clinic

Trichology Excellence,
Rooted in Research.

Prof. D.Hugh Rushton's has had an illustrious 50-year career in trichology research. As such, The Rushton Clinic has consistently been on the pioneering frontier of trichology discoveries that are now integral to hair loss clinics across the globe. Our legacy isn't just in the direct care we provide, but in the ripple effect our innovative hair loss treatments and ground breaking research have had, uplifting the standards of hair and scalp science everywhere.

Award Winning Trichological Expertise

Trichology Excellence,
Globally Recognised.

At the heart of The Rushton Clinic lies a legacy of award winning recognition and excellence. Prof. D.Hugh Rushton's dedication to trichology has been celebrated with several awards throughout his lifetime of contributions to trichological research. While our relentless pursuit of hair loss treatments that really work has produced world class research, including the science behind the hair loss product cemented as 'outstanding hair product' at the inaugural Hair Science Awards in 2018.

Trichology Excellence,
Built on Compassion.

At The Rushton Clinic, you're not just seeking help; you're entering into a partnership that promises compassionate, research driven care. Our commitment to your complete hair wellness remains unwavering; whether it's through in-person consultations, remote interactions or our extensive online hair care and hair loss guides, we continuously seek innovative ways to deliver our rich heritage of exceptional hair loss advice using cutting-edge methodologies to treat hair loss.


As a premier destination for those seeking not just the best trichologist, but the finest trichological advice and most effective hair loss solution, we ensure every client experiences the pinnacle of hair care excellence. Dive into a world where science, experience, and passion converge, setting greater standards in trichological care.

Can a Trichologist treat male pattern baldness?

Male Pattern Hair Loss Advice and Treatments
Male Hair Loss treatments At The Rushton Clinic

Our hair loss experts have years of experience successfully halting androgenetic alopecia.


Using hair loss treatments proven to work, going bald from pattern hair loss is now a choice.


With expert help from The Rushton Clinic more men than ever are taking back control and keeping their hair.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is more than just a physical transformation; it's an emotional journey filled with questions, anxieties, and uncertainties.


At The Rushton Clinic, we understand the impact this experience can have. Which is why, with empathy at our core, we stand ready to guide you with expertise, care, and an unwavering belief in your journey to renewed self-assurance. Enriched with 5 decades of trichological wisdom we combine a caring touch with scientifically proven hair loss solutions.

Can a Trichologist do anything about female hair loss?

Hair Loss in Women help, advice and treatments
Female Hair Loss help, advice and treatments at The Rushton Clinic

33% of Women experience hair loss, fortunately there are many treatments that can successfully halt or cure most hair loss conditions.

While experiencing hair loss can be deeply upsetting, our expert trichologists are here to help guide you through your journey of recovery every step of the way.

The Rushton Clinic On Harley Street, Tricholgists in London, The UK's Specialist Hair Loss Clinic

Led by the esteemed Professor D. Hugh Rushton, often heralded as one of the best trichologists in the industry, our team of qualified trichologists stand out not only in the UK but on a global scale. Get to know our renowned hair loss experts, always ready to assist you with any hair loss concern.

About Us

Trichology Excellence,
Tailored to You.

At The Rushton Clinic, we believe that every individual's hair journey is unique.That's why our team of certified trichologists adopt a personalised approach, ensuring you receive treatments and solutions specifically crafted for your distinct needs. Drawing from five decades of in-depth hair science research and experience, our ethos isn't just a commitment to hair care excellence— it's about delivering trichological expertise uniquely tailored to you.

Love Your Hair with Expert Hai Loss Help at The Rushton Clinic, The UK's Specialist Hair Loss Clinic

Hair Guides

Discover a wealth of hairloss and haircare knowledge written by our top hair loss expert Prof D.Hugh Rushton and his team of leading trichologists, in our Hair Loss Guide and Hair Care Guide. 

Clinical Services

Trichologist Appointment

Looking for advice about hair loss from a registered trichologist backed by 50 years of hair science expertise? A convenient trichologist appointment is just a click away.

Not quite ready to book an appointment? Why not schedule a complimentary call back with a hair loss experts to see how we can help.

Contact Us

24 Harmont House
20 Harley Street
United Kingdom

 0207 637 4853

How to book a Qualified Trichologist appointment at The Rushton Clinic, The UK's Specialist Hair Loss Clinic

Book a quick and convenient appointment with one of our qualified Trichologists

How to arrange a call with a Qualified Trichologist appointment at The Rushton Clinic, The UK's Specialist Hair Loss Clinic

Schedule a complimentary call back with a hair loss experts to see how we can help.

How to find directions to The Rushton Clinic, The UK's Specialist Hair Loss Clinic

Discover useful transport and parking info to help you find our London Clinic.

The Rushton Clinic on Harley Street London, The UK's Specialist Hair Loss Clinic

We're always on the look out for exceptional talent to join our team or partner with us in our research aims.

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