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About The Rushton Clinic

Situated in the heart of London's medical district and founded by the eminent hair researcher Professor D.Hugh Rushton, The Rushton Clinic was created with a vision to establish a truly multi-discipline approach to hair loss and scalp conditions.


Our team of highly trained Trichologists and hair loss specialists have expertise across all aspects of health and lifestyle that could affect your hair's health. Their expert knowledge will ensure you receive a swift and accurate diagnosis without delay.


And, our extensive network of Medical Consultants and Specialists means the treatments offered are always the most advanced, scientifically proven treatments available. 



Professor D.Hugh Rushton

Hair Science Awards - Dr Hugh Rushton - Lifetime Contribution to Trichological Research

Professor Rushton is an award-winning Consultant Trichologist who has been a Member of the Institute of Trichologists since 1976.


In 1992, he received the prestigious honour of becoming the first member of the Institute to be elevated to Fellow of the Institute of Trichologists.  


His work as a practising Consultant Trichologist over the past 40 years has specialised in increasing the scientific understanding of hair and scalp related problems, and their effective treatment. 

During this time, he gained a PhD for his study of scalp hair, became a D.Sc (Doctor of Science) for inventing a clinical diagnostic technique for Alopecia and its possible treatment, and has had over 50 research papers published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

He is an active member of many professional institutes and societies and is regularly invited to give presentations at industry conferences worldwide. 

Dr Rushton is Honorary Professor at the University of Bradford's Center For Skin Sciences, and sits as Chair of the Academic Advisory Committee for The College of Trichological Science and Practice. He also regularly appears as an expert witness in medico-legal cases including criminal, domestic, and personal injury trials, in the UK and abroad.


Professional Affiliations

About Dr Rushton
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