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Effective Hair Loss Solutions.
Science-led Expertise.
Tailored To You.

Initial Consultation
What's involved?

An initial consultation with one of our fully qualified Trichologists ensures you get an hour of personalised, in-person expertise.


During your consultation your hair loss specialist will go through your medical history, undertake a detailed clinical examination, and diagnose your concern. After which, they will discuss the full range of treatment options, and then tailor your unique treatment plan with you.

Expert Aftercare, All Year Round.

We make sure our hair loss experts are available to you. So if you have a question or concern, you'll be reassured to know expert help is never more than a phone call away.  

Follow Up Consultations
Felxible care that works around​ You.

  • In person Consultations 

  • Telephone Consultations

  • Online Zoom Consultations 

We ensure trichological and medical oversight at every step of your treatment plan to give you ultimate peace of mind.


At any stage of your treatment, our experts are on hand to provide follow-up consultations to check in with you and ensure your treatment is progressing exactly as expected. These typically only take 30 mins, but to make sure you have all the time you need to ask questions we'll block out a full hour.

Blood tests undertaken by hair loss specialists

Blood tests are often vital for diagnosing trichological conditions. In many cases they can confirm a diagnosis and can also be crucial in monitoring your ongoing condition. We can help arrange for these to be done either on the NHS or privately.

NHS Patients

We will work closely with your GP to ensure that, where possible, any necessary blood tests are completed on the NHS at your local GP practice or NHS hospital. 


Private Patients

Private patients who book through The Rushton Clinic can obtain a discount of up to 50% on blood tests at The Doctors Laboratory. This state-of-the-art facility on Wimpole Street, W1, offers unrivalled expertise, right in the heart of London

Blood Tests


Children, Students
and NHS Staff

If you are under the age of 18, or are currently a student in full-time education, or are an NHS staff member please let us know when booking your appointment to qualify for a discounted rate on consultation fees.

Why Choose a Trichology Consultation At The Rushton Clinic?

Medical and Trichological Oversight at Every Step

State of the art  Digital Image Diagnostics

Value Driven Services

Scientifically Proven Treatments 

Quick and Convenient,

In-Person Appointments

Fast, Effective Results 

All Backed by Five Decades of Award Winning Trichological Expertise and Research

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