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World-Class Hair Loss Research at The Rushton Clinic

As one of the world's leading independent trichological research centres, our contribution to the understanding of trichological conditions continues to benefit patients far beyond the reach of our clinic.


Our rich heritage of impactful research, published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at conferences around the world, has been changing the way clinicians understand, diagnose and treat hair loss conditions. 

Our most recent publication:

Following historical ‘tracks’ of hair follicle miniaturisation in patterned hair loss: Are elastin bodies the forgotten aetiology?

Rushton, D.H., Westgate, G.E. and Van Neste, D.J., 2021. 

Experimental Dermatology.

Why Choose
A Trichologist At
The Rushton Clinic?

Medical and Trichological Oversight at Every Step

State of the art  Digital Image Diagnostics

Value Driven Services

Scientifically Proven Treatments 

Quick and Convenient,

In-Person Appointments

Fast, Effective Results 

All Backed by Five Decades of Award Winning Trichological Expertise and Research

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